Thursday, September 18, 2014

5 Days + 7 Authors = Writing Retreat

What do you get when you have seven authors on a mountain top with minimal internet connection?

A lot of good writing days.
Pages and pages of well-written pages. Which means more stories for you!
Last week I participated in a five day writing retreat. There were lectures by the facilitator, discussions about books, talking about our own books, and writing, writing, writing. The authors attending were at various stages of their careers: from working on their first novel to having published over thirty books with varying publishers. I fell somewhere in the middle.
We discussed the best way to polish our works-in-progress, learned rhetorical devices to make our prose stronger, and scoured examples of phenomenal writing. All of us came out writing stronger, pushing ourselves harder, and being confidant we were writing to the best of our ability.
I worked on ATLANTIS GLACIAL TIDES, which is Adria’s full story. Her novella was featured in Tornado Alley Publications’ THIS SUMMER STORM anthology. Now, she has a full story of her own where the growth she began in the novella is completed.
Now that I’m home, I miss the camaraderie of my fellow writers, the dedicated hours to perfecting my craft, and the internet silence. But I’m still pushing myself to write better and stronger.
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  1. Allie, that retreat sounds like so much fun. I would miss it too, I'm sure, after getting home from being with everyone. I'm glad to learn that Adria has her own story! That's great!