Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Reading While You Can!

School is just around the corner and there’s only a few weeks left to kick back and enjoy a good summer read!
The final days of August is when I think about all the things I wanted to do during the summer and all that’s still left to accomplish. It’s also a time when I take out my TBR (To Be Read)  list and start to dig in.
Enjoying the sun, I will sit in the garden or out by the pond for a few hours of pleasure reading. Or I will take a book to the pool or beach. When the summer thunder storms roll in, I’ll sit under the covered patio with a good book. And in the evening, I’ll prop pillows on my bed and read late into the night.
I’ll read in line and waiting for the kids to get out of camps and even while I’m cooking dinner. Paperback, e-reader, or phone, one of these is always by my side.
Before the assigned reading for school starts, where is your favorite place to read?
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