Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#NewRelease--Twerp In Time: Missing! Lost City Of Gold by James and Livia Reasoner--#Giveaway!

The idea for Twerp in Time: Missing! Lost City Of Gold came about because our youngest daughter, who was in elementary school at the time, found studying history to be boring. We felt it was a shame there wasn’t a series like The Magic School Bus that would engage young readers with interesting stories and teach a little history at the same time.

James and I started writing this book but then had to set it aside for work and family. It was only recently we were able to pick it back up and finish the first manuscript. The end product really was a family affair. We researched and wrote the book and our daughter Joanna Reasoner—the one who didn't really like studying history and who is now an elementary school teacher herself—drew the cover design for this fun little middle reader book.

Dennis Fletcher has a problem...or two. He's extra-smart, and even though he's skipped a grade, he's still bigger than a lot of the older kids! Making friends is hard--and something he wants more than anything.

When he invites two of his classmates over to work on a group project, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of Coronado's Conquistadors--and Dennis's execution is slated only a few days away! How did they travel back in time to the 1500's? And how are they going to get back to their own time before Dennis meets his end?

The pouch of special powder around his neck contains the answers--if only he can figure out how to use it to save them all and get them home to Texas--500 years in the future!

James Reasoner is a New York Times bestselling author and his wife Livia is an multi-award winning author.

      Dennis's heart pounded in his chest. Or rather, the Turk's heart, because although the mind might belong to Dennis, the body was definitely that of someone else. In this case, the young Indian known as the Turk.
     He turned around to watch where he was going, but his feet moved automatically, trotting along so that he could keep up with the horses. His brain was occupied with trying to figure out what had happened. If it was possible for his mind to have been transported somehow back in time and into the body of the Turk, wasn't it just as possible that the same thing had happened to Rohana? After all, they had been standing right beside each other in the studio.
     And Wyatt had been there, too, Dennis recalled. And two of the Spanish soldiers had collapsed, with something seeming to be wrong with them. Nuñez and Alcazar, they were called. It was impossible, of course, but Dennis found himself wondering if Nuñez and Alcazar were really Rohana and Wyatt.
     That wasn't any more impossible, he told himself, than thinking that he was now the Turk. And he knew that to be true, insane though it might be.
     Well. This was pretty bad.
     Dennis kept trudging toward the small hills in the distance. He had to talk to Nuñez and Alcazar, had to find out if what he suspected was true. It had to be, because he'd heard one of them say his name, and these Conquistadors had lived almost five hundred years before he was born. Time travel was the only answer.
     Dennis was surprised that he didn't get too tired as he continued walking and running. He had hated PE class and gotten winded easily every time he tried to do too much exercise. But he was in a different body now, he reminded himself. The Turk was strong and could probably walk all day without feeling it too much. Dennis paused and lifted a foot to look at the bottom of it. He wore no shoes or sandals, but the sole of his foot was one big callus, strong and thick as leather. The muscles in his arms and legs were like bundles of heavy rope. He had never felt anything like this before. He took a deep breath, filling his lungs with air that was uncomfortably hot but also clean and dry.
     Weird. Definitely weird.

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  1. My son loved to read, but not his history books. What a great idea to incorporate study with fun. He's grown now, but I will tell the parents of nieces and nephews about Twerp in Time. Sounds like a winner for kids.

    1. Thank you Cindy. Both our daughters loved to read. The oldest started reading when she was 2, so she really tore through our small library and the small town library. Fortunately there were a handful they both never minded reading over and over. I still remember the words to Jemima Puddle-Duck, but I couldn't tell you my cell phone number.

  2. Livia, you know how I loved this story. You and James need to write more of these stories. In your "spare time" of course. Jessica would have read sooner but her kindergarten teacher discouraged her from it. She did learn it on her own.

    Great story here, and I'm sure hoping you and James will find the time to send Dennis and his friends out into the world and back in time again!

    1. Shayna learned without us realizing it was happening. After all who expects a two-year-old to read? We were just reading to her and suddenly she was reading to us. When she got a little older she would head to the college textbooks section for entertainment.

      Dennis and his new friends really do need some more adventures. Medieval story or Twerp in Time story.. Going to be a hard decision.

  3. I can't wait to check this one out, Livia!! You can't beat the twerpy title 💖

  4. What a fun story and a great idea! My great aunt gave me a history book when I was a kid, and it was all short stories about kids in various time periods. As a result, I loved history. I hope Dennis becomes the next Percy Jackson.

    1. Thank you Keena. What a wonderful great aunt. I treasured every book I received as presents.