Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anthologies - A Story Sampler

Don’t you love those chocolate samplers you buy at candy stores? The ones filled with bite-sized chocolates with a different filling? A surprise in every bite? A chance to try a new type of chocolate? Maybe even find a new favorite?

Well, that’s what an anthology is for books. An opportunity for readers to sample new stories. And maybe find a new author that you love!

Tornado Alley Publications’ THIS SUMMER STORM Anthology is exactly like a sampler. The book is filled with different authors from different backgrounds writing very different types of stories.

Westerns? Mystical worlds? Outdoor adventures? How about mystery and romance? You will get a taste of each in THIS SUMMER STORM.
I love anthologies not only because I get to read new authors, but because the novellas are short reads. A complete story in a small package. A story I can start and finish in one sitting.
A story where I learn about new worlds and new lifestyles.
What are some of your favorite genres to read in the novella format? Or what combination of genres would you like to see more of in anthologies? Comment below to win an ebook copy of SOUL SLAM, a young adult mixture of romance, adventure and mystery.
And from last month’s blog, the winner of ATLANTIS DARK TIDES is Lorraine Heath!
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  1. Allie,
    I agree about anthologies. It's a wonderful way to find new authors while having a satisfying read in one sitting. This collection is quite eclectic, and it was great fun to participate with you!

  2. Thanks Kristy. It took me awhile to appreciate anthologies. And you're right, THIS SUMMER STORM is very eclectic! So glad to be a part of it. Allie

  3. Allie, I love anthologies. I've found lots of new authors that way. And the stories are the perfect length for an afternoon break!
    Tracy Garrett

    1. Tracy, I loved your two stories in Lassoing A Bride and Lassoing A Groom. And they are the perfect size! Allie

  4. Allie, I never thought I would be a "short story" writer--no one ever says that to themselves--"Hey someday I want to grow up and write a short story!" LOL But even though I've written novels and short stories, I'm finding more and more that I love the short story format for the reason you mention--you can learn about new places, new writers, and new characters, but they're a good length to manage to finish reading in our busy world.

    This Summer Storm was such a fun anthology! I really did enjoy contributing and working with everyone else who had stories for it.

    If anyone is interested, btw, we have a call for submissions out right now for two of our Tornado Alley Publications anthologies that will be coming up this fall--MY DOG CAN DO MAGIC! and IT COULD HAPPEN. MY DOG CAN DO MAGIC! is for Middle Grade readers and IT COULD HAPPEN is a Halloween themed anthology for New Adults.

    Loved your story in This Summer Storm and I'm hoping to see more from you in the future!


    1. One of the reasons I enjoy the novella is because all the pages are packed with power. Even though its short, you still need to tell a complete story.

      Thanks Cheryl and thanks for the information about future anthologies. I write middle grade as well, but nothing with a dog in it. Sounds like a fun concept!

  5. Allie,
    Anthologies and short stories are my addiction (in a good way). Like you say, it give the reader a chance to sample such wonderful delicacies. I also happen to enjoy writing the short form. Here is to the short story and the anthologies they support. Doris

  6. Allie, my favorite anthologies are western short stories --not enough good, solid short stories in that genre, and virtually nothing for kids. Great post!

  7. Richard, It was wonderful being part of THIS SUMMER STORM anthology with you. Western stories for kids is definitely an area lacking in variety. Allie

  8. While many people have come late to the short story genre, that is where I first began writing for submissions....proud to say that one of my first short stories placed in the William Faulkner Short Story Contest years ago. As an English teacher, that was quite a feather in my cap, IMHO! I wrote childrens' story/devotions and a number of women's Christian short stories; actually that is a deep and relatively untapped publishing resource. Maybe I'll blog about it one of these days!!! So I think anthologies are an awesome format. I look forward to contributing to more and cheer on PRP and all the authors in this "stable" for their desire to send out more anthologies. Kudos, Allie --

  9. I'm a bit late, but I wanted to come around and congratulate the authors on the anthology from Tornado Allergy on their new release. I love anthologies. I've become acquainted with new authors that I came to love over the years through anthologies. I also like that I can read a new story every day.

    Soul Slam looks so enticing Allie. I love the cover, too. I wish you the very best.